We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Gartner Periodontal Care has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

“Just a note to thank each and every one of you for demonstrating such professionalism and patience. My initial apprehension and concerns were quickly addressed in a very caring manner putting me at ease and feeling like a part of the team. My periodontal future feels much brighter because of all of you.”

“Dr. Gartner performed gum grafts on two different occasions. He and his staff did an excellent job – they were very professional, very conscientious about cleanliness and prompt in handling my insurance. The surgery was not as painful as I thought and the recovery went well. Dr. Gartner came highly recommended by my dentist and I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Yesterday evening I had a lower molar tooth extracted that required some oral surgery. This tooth had previously had a root canal and a cap, while the remaining tooth was now suffering from decay. The extraction procedure was exceptional for its painlessness and the considerate care from Dr. Gartner and his assistant. The anesthetics (3 shots) worked perfectly and the music was soothing. I took a pain pill before going to bed, had a trouble-free night and no pain today – I haven’t taken a pain killer since last night. Thanks for a delightful dental experience.”

“I was recommended to Dr. Gartner by my dentist. I had never been to a periodontist in my life. I went first for an evaluation and second opinion from Dr. Gartner. I found Dr. Gartner to be very personable and his evaluation was right on. The procedure I had done was necessary and the right way to proceed. Was it an enjoyable experience? Not exactly. However, he was very thorough as well as professional and made the procedure as painless as possible. Now in my recovery mode, I have to say that the results appear to be exactly what we both hoped for. I would highly recommend Dr. Gartner. His staff was also very pleasant and accommodating to my schedule.”

“I was nervous having to get this procedure. It sounded so bad. ‘You’re going to take what off my mouth and put it where?!’ I couldn’t believe how I only needed one pain pill the very first day, throughout this gum process. It was a lot less painful and easier than I imagined. I thought that it was going to be much worse than it was. I’m relieved that it’s all finished and successful!”

“It makes me feel so good to have teeth again. It’s hard to believe that I went so many years without the comfort you have given me. I can eat so many things; now I can eat in public without making noise and can chew without any pain. I urge all who have a problem with their teeth to come and see what a difference it can make to see Dr. Gartner and his staff. It changed my life.”

“I just visited my dentist today. My graft is about three months old. He said he had never seen one that was done so well and looked so good. Dr. Gartner did an incredible job!”

“Dr. Bruce Gartner performed wonders on my teeth and gums! When I began seeing Dr. Gartner, my periodontal disease was fairly advanced and I was experiencing pain and sometimes my gums would bleed. After a thorough examination, Dr. Gartner recommended periodontal surgery on my entire mouth.

“Over a period of 18 months, I received four surgical treatments, and ‘my hand was held’ every step of the way. Dr. Gartner and his staff meticulously explained every procedure; answered all my questions to my satisfaction; and after each surgical session they carefully described the necessary oral home care. I was also given ample local anesthesia so that I would not feel pain during surgery.

“Since the surgical treatments, there has been a remarkable improvement in the appearance of my teeth and gums. And, I no longer experience pain or bleeding. My only regret is that I did not find Dr. Gartner several years ago.

“When my family dentist recently examined my gums, his comment was ‘Wow! He [Dr. Gartner] really did a wonderful job!’”